Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back from outer space

So I'm back. Well rested and ready to go. Well, sort of. I could have done with one more week there. In fact, I could have done with staying there and having all our stuff sent down with the next train.

Oh well, as the one banking commercial used to say: One day. We had a slendid time. The train was really such a relaxing ride and such a nice way to see the countryside. We've done car travel, plane and bus and out of all of those I must say I prefer the train. It does take a bit longer, but it's well worth it. I highly recommend the experience.

Also I have to commend Cape Town's metro rail. For a whitey from Gauteng, it's highly unusual to be able to take the metro train and I am really envious of that luxury. We took the metro from CT train station to Fish Hoek and aside from nearly dying from heat and dehydration (recovering from a hangover) we made it to the other side with all our limbs and luggage.

Our friend stays in Glen Cairn and we were able to abuse her hospitality for the whole time we were there. She has a really nice place with an excellent view, we spent a whole lot of the time watching dvds, over eating and generally making pigs of ourselves. My kind of holiday.

Do yourselves a favour and go to the Vaudeville Theatre in Cape Town. What an experience! It's like being at the circus, but only the way you remember it, not the way it appears now to your jaded adult mind. Plus there's an act with two male Romanian gymnasts. That's really the only reason you should want to go.

The Cape is really beautiful and we are really serious about moving there. But first of course several things have to happen, not least of which is me working from home. This a major goal for this year and I am visualizing the shit out of it.