Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gentlemanly means

So it's Wednesday morning and as usual we had to sit through another tortuous staff meeting. It is the bane of my existence, I get a physiological reaction just thinking about it. Groaning, eye-rolling, back pain... It sort of reminds me of PT classes at school, although that physically made me ill because of the mental and physical torture that I knew I would soon endure.

While now at least I don't have to deal with some sadistic bastard making me run up and down the rugby field until I collapse from heat exhaustion, I do have to deal with an idiot for whom the concept of respecting other people's time is completely foreign. I hate people wasting my time, I hate doing things which I feel are not contributing to my general enjoyment of life. It's selfish and childish, but hey, I have many other qualities which make up for it.

It's not that I mind meetings and all these other adult, responsible things which have been rather prematurely foisted upon me, I just don't like when it takes longer than an hour for it to happen. Especially when the other person is actually just wasting time and not using it constructively.

There are so many other things I would rather be doing than listening to you Mr. Important. Getting a root canal. Listening to Jurie Els and Robbie Klay sing a duet about their eternal love for each other. Massaging Julius Malema's feet while he makes a speech about the nationalisation of mines. Oh the things I could do if I were a Gentleman of Means.

See the hammock - note my absence from it.


  1. we have ours on a monday morning.

    try beating that. how painful? really!

    We had to write an exam today. i only started going through the work sheets this morning - so i've also had a rough wednesday.

    i want beer.

  2. Looks a lot like the hammock I was chilling in during my February trip to Mauritius! Fwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!