Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Car problems - the sequel

So an update on the broken tail light. I lost what little temper I had left with the colleague at work who rammed into my car. Once I was back from holiday we tried yet again to unravel the mysteries of third party claims from our insurance, but to no avail. I made the suggestion that since it was likely to be a small-ish amount, we settle it with cash. I was going to take my car to have the petrol problem fixed, so it would be 2 flies in one go.

Colleague agreed with me that this would be best and matters proceeded. Afterwards I handed her the invoice, while reminding her that I would need payment at the soonest, as I was using money that I needed to pay bills. Once again, agreed, she would pay me once she had worked out that the VAT on the invoice was correct. Before long weekend, still no payment so I decided to let it lie till after. After the long weekend I approach her again. Now all of a sudden she has decided to try the insurance option again and I have to claim from my side and all kinds of bullshit. Looking into my account I am now into the red because of course there's not enough money for all the debit orders. Her reaction: But I thought you said you would have enough money for the light. Ja, but only for a short time! I need that money back!

I confronted her this morning to ask her whether she can't give me the money until the insurance has paid out, then I just pay her back. Now she's all like, I gave her the wrong information and she has been bending over backwards to accomodate me. Accomodate me! Bitch, you were the one that drove into my fucking car!

Still waiting to hear from Outsurance regarding the claim, because of course I had it done at a place that was not pre-approved. I would love to hear how she will try to explain that away. What galls me the most is that she now does not recognize the verbal agreement that we had and is now trying to pin it all on me.

And all this from a very quiet, nervous little library tannie.


  1. Ou tannies is eeeeeeeeeeevil! Hoohoohaahaaahaaaaaa!

  2. Ek neem aan mense by jou werk weet nie jy blog nie?

  3. @headonist nee, hulle weet ook nie dat my spesiale vriend eintlik my luvah is nie