Monday, April 12, 2010

We had joy, we had fun...

If your family is anything like mine you must have done most of your holidaying in Durban while growing up in the 80's/early to late 90's. We had the added benefit of my grandparents living there and both my parents having been born and growing up there, so for me it was practically a second home.

The trip down to the coast would invariably be done at some ungodly hour in the morning before most farm animals had even woken up, but since it was a holiday trip, we didn't mind. Kids would be bundled into the Volkswagen station wagon wrapped in duvets, mom would be packing all kinds of goodies into tupperware for the roadside stops and dad would be checking that he hadn't forgotten anything. Inevitably something would always be left behind).

Since most of these trips was a half-conscious affair for me, I remember things in snatches. Seeing the stars through the car window and wondering how far we were now. The smell of cold boerewors and chicken pieces coming from the tupperware. And then of course the music.

My dad had a tape collection that I now gather was rather standard fare for most people travelling down to the coast or on holiday somewhere. In fact it seemed to be a requirement. Now while I don't mind a bit of Nana Mouskouri from time to time, I feel a bit damaged by having been exposed to the other artists in his collection:

Richard Clayderman. Plays Andrew Lloyd Webber. Vol 2. Take a moment to appreciate the full horror of this. Also the fact that these songs were played while I and my sister were sleeping, thereby imprinting our subconscious minds with every song every written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and played by Richard Clayderman. For years I thought that this was the only music people listened to on the radio.

But there's more:

What is that I hear you say? Please have mercy and stop raping my mind? Oh dear, then you probably wouldn't want to see the last example of what I was exposed to as a young'n...


 Cower in fear mortals.


  1. Panpipes Anything should be considered cruel and unusual punishment…

  2. Weird. My sussie en ek het laas naweek ons holiday mix-tape probeer onthou en lys (net een tape wat ons oor en oor geluister het), onder andere: Heino - Overamergau; ABBA - Andante, Andante; Elaine Paige - Memory; Carike Keuzenkamp - Heidi; "Daai 4 ouens met die bekfluitjies" - Bootjie na kammaland; Sias Reynecke - Sproetjies; Cora Marie - Mama Leonie; Bles Bridges - I am the eagle, you are the wind; Cliff & Sarah - That's All I Ask Of You; Dolly & Kenny - Islands in the stream;

    Wow. Memories.

  3. well you've got a photographic memory...