Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Disaster! The Sequel.

So what do we have next on the disaster film itinerary? Oh yes, the genre experienced something of a revival during the 90's when all those smart boys at Hollywood figured out how to use CGI. I'm sure everyone remembers:

Those aliens really deserve more credit. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been to get that mother of a spaceship parked exactly centered over those specific targets? They fly all those millions of light years just to have some idiot overwhelm their clearly more advanced technology with a Windows 95 computer virus... Wait! What?!

Moving swiftly along. The 90's had a couple of disaster movies that were virtual clones of each other. Like the imaginatively titled:

Hotter than hell and boring as shit.

And the small town version with a sinewy Linda Hamilton. 

And then of course the 2 asteroid movies. 

The one with Bruce Willis: 

And the one without.

Cows flying through the air. That's all I'm going to say.

Only way out you say? Excuse me, I think I've just wasted an hour of my life.

Then we have the very environmentally minded:

Which has yet another iconic disaster scene depicting New York being pummeled into oblivion. I don't know whether Americans don't like New York, or whether it's just an easy target. The tidal wave scene in this movie was actually "inspired" (read: directly copied from) by a scene from the 1933 movie:

Another one for all fans of claustrophobia is the little known:

Yes that does kind of look like that creepy ghost kid from "The Grudge". The movie has the same kind of dark overtones. I count this as more horror/thriller than disaster movie, but I suppose since it is about a bunch of astronauts trying to restart the Sun, you could class it as a disaster film.

Shame Nicolas Cage seems to be trying really hard, just like this movie.

And last, but not least:
We weren't warned about this movies' high rating on the crapometer. 

But I suppose in the end, it's not really necessary for disaster movies to be intelligent with complex plots and lots of character development since the plot and characters exist solely as a sort of filler for the actual star of the movie. The Disaster.


  1. Oh wow - I think I was in Matric when Armageddon come out, I was so in love with Bruce Willis ... Wahahahaha

  2. ja, for me it was also pretty much: Bruce Willis - Meteor - Bruce Willis - Meteor ;)