Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't want to brag...

...but look at how awesome le bf's art is!

Rebecca is our source of news at the farm. She's a lovely woman, who has worked at the Sammy Marks museum for 23 years. A perfect subject for one of Kobus' paintings.

A painting with Liza, one of our friends.

And who is this handsome devil? One of the benefits of having le bf de artiste is that he can immortalize one in a manner that is very pleasing.

Some more awesomeness.

I am also sharing this awesomeness with you because tonight there is an exhibition opening hosted by The Gallery @ Duncan Yard in Hatfield, Pretoria and le bf (Kobus Walker) is taking part. We haven't been to many exhibitions recently, mostly because our livers were asking us nicely not to! But this one promises to be one of the best of the year. Exhibition openings in Pretoria tend toward the very social - add to that the fact that most of the galleries are next to restaurants that sell alcohol and you've got one big fat kuier.

So if you are in the Pretoria/Hatfield area tonight and just sitting at home with nothing to do, come tap me on the shoulder for a chat, and we can have a lekker skinner. Oh, and look at some awesome art of course.


  1. lekker! hoop julle lewers kom nie te sleg daarvan af nie! xx

  2. was inderdaad so hittete. het maar die res van die weekend laag gele en die tuin geniet:) exhib het goed gegaan, daar hoort nou nog meer te verkoop komende week met al die toeriste wat begin arriveer dink ek.