Friday, June 11, 2010

A public service announcement

A very important announcement before the World Cup kicks off this afternoon:

Let's all work together.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poor me

So, after having consumed what I can only assume was a large quantity of red wine last night, and waking up from a nightmare at 4, I am not my usual chirpy self today.

Therefore I would like to take a moment to extoll the virtues of a good old fashioned pity session.

"But self pity is only for losers who can't handle their hangovers!" I hear you say. Ah, I see your 'Loser' and raise you a 'Fuck you'.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling sorry for oneself and wallowing in the muds of despair every now and then. You have a good cry, moan about how crap your life is and that nobody understands how hard it is to be you, and generally make yourself feel like the most miserable creature that has ever crawled this earth.

This serves in fact to bolster the ego, which has gone into hiding for a moment and won't come out until the world apologizes to it. All the griping and moaning serves as a cushion to your eventual reentry into the cold, cruel world, once you have gathered your strength. When you inevitably surface from the depths of melancholy that has become your dreary existence, and see that everything is actually just fine, hope and joy is restored once more.

You may find however, that sometimes circumstances dictate a more direct course of action.